Having the opportunity to do engage in urban agriculture and permaculture is in many ways satisfying especially when it is in one of Europe’s most densely populated areas. One genuinely starts to believe that the institutional setting is actually favoring the change to a more sustainable and green urban environment. That said, it is often the case that the soil underneath the pavements or in abandoned backyards, is obstructing the action. In order to truly have a fertile and productive garden one is bound to push the soil fertility to other levels. One way to do this is to collect all the cuttings and plants that are not wanted in the future green oasis, put them in an appropriate container, weigh the contents down with one or more stones, fill it up with water until everything is covered and wait. After a couple of weeks the digestive processes of bacteria and other micro organisms will have created a primordial soup saturated with nutrients. This rather smelly cocktail can then be used to enhance the soil fertility without having to use fertilizers and manure. In fact it is a vegan alternative to manure.